360 line once the mobile Internet era fission into 3600 lines, businesses are scrambling to embrace the Internet thigh, however, no one can hold all mobile phone App, no one can remember all App. Today [of Peru] relying on resources and large data integration and health, through an open interface coupled 3600 line, combined with large data given to service-rich tag index, and ultimately through intelligent interaction achieved completely open data users and businesses at both ends, really around the Internet open, integrated thinking to create a user to communicate directly equal relationship with the business, so that the formation of the index mutual expertise between the business and the target user. Secretary of the search index is a new technology, its index is not a conventional information, but all services. From its morphological point of view, it is not a single entrance, but an engine that can be mounted in APP, the search box, and any other entity a robot platform. Behind it is the accumulation of technical strength and Baidu large data processing capabilities, as well as Baidu's natural language human-computer interaction capabilities. In O2O competition has been so fierce now, Baidu search secretary may be able to subvert the existing formats in the following areas